Collection: Little KIT Jewellery

Big Metal London design everything in their London studio and introduce something new every week. As a long-time client, we’re particularly excited about their recent AW21 collection. And so we should be, as the focus on resin jewellery means there are plenty of colourful fun choices to be had. Not surprisingly, these beautiful creations are flying out the door. Grab a pair quick!


What started as a search for a hair tie that would look great and last a long time, has resulted in the creation of the Bangle Bangle. These byEloise hair band bracelets are not only strong, but come in lots of lovely colours too. Whether you have them in your hair, or wear them on your wrist like a bracelet, let them work their multitasking magic. 


With a mission to make vibrant and relevant designs that convert into everyday standout products of great value - including jewellery - Pieces appeals to a wide range of fashion followers.